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IMAGINE not being able to communicate with your daughter, as she is being rushed to an emergency room. Imagine wanting to express your love to a significant other but realize that your spoken words have no meaning. Imagine not being able to convey even the simplest concepts to those whom you must interact with daily


This barrier is what a growing number of Spanish-speaking individuals feel has been wedged between themselves and family members who communicate solely in American Sign Language. If this applies to you, or if you simply want to improve your interactions with deaf friends and family, ¡Dígalo en señas! is for you.


This reference guide contains over 500 commonly used signs, as well as specialized signs that are useful in educational and medical settings. The signed images are clear, easy to understand and accompanied by a description in Spanish of how to produce the sign.


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Biography of Lucas Soto and Dominic H. White


LUCAS SOTO was born and raised on the west coast of Puerto Rico, surrounded by chickens and pheasants, enjoying his mom’s delicious sancocho.  His first contact with the Deaf community was at the age of 15. He has since then been immersed in their culture and language for over fifteen years, loving every minute of it.
Mr. Soto’s early experience includes working on a translation team creating international publications for the Deaf, as well as working as a trilingual interpreter in major metropolitan areas including Boston, Los Angeles and New York. He also worked as an associate producer on the fascinating digital communication documentary DSKNECTD and oversaw the creation of the film's closed captions.  
During his travels Mr. Soto has volunteered his time to work alongside members of the Deaf community in both Europe and Southeast Asia. Currently he resides in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, where he continues pursuing avenues to support and give back to the Deaf community.

ASL Spanish Book
American Sign Language Book Spanish


DOMINIC H. WHITE is an award-winning filmmaker whose love of motion pictures started when his mother began taking him to the drive-in as a kid.


Throughout his teenage years he cultivated his love of film shooting his first sci-fi short along with his brother at 15 years of age (which, incidentally came to a crashing halt in production when he tripped over a cable, smashing the camera to the ground).


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest he began his career as an editor in Seattle, Washington and now resides in Los Angeles. His storytelling experience is broad and spans the crafts of writing photography, motion graphics, sound design, and editorial and directing.


He has received various awards over the course of his career including a New York City Emmy nomination for a PSA series he co-wrote and directed. He loves snowboarding, Maine Coon cats and sunflower seeds.

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